Fix Windows Defender Error 0x80004004

Windows Defender program is the basic security system provided by Microsoft since Windows 7. Windows 8 and Windows 10 have improved their service and decreased the need of purchasing any third party antivirus software for the purpose of protecting the system. In some cases, updating Windows Defender may result in an Error i.e. Error 0x80004004 stating the Virus and spyware definitions couldn’t be updated. This might cause problems to the user while operating the PC and thus, needs to be fixed such that it stays updated from any virus threats.

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Causes of windows error 0x80004004

0x80004004 Windows Defender error is usually caused due to the involvement of any third party antivirus software which is actually preventing Windows Defender from updating. Other common reasons

System file missing

Bad internet connection

Low backup charge while updating

Steps to fix error code 0x80004004

Based on the possible causes of Windows Defender error 0x80004004, here are a few solutions which aim at solving the issue which can be quite annoying at times. Also, check for steady and efficient internet connection.

Method 1: Changing Windows Defender service to automatic

  • Type Services in Cortana and run as administrator and if further prompted for password, enter your password and click continue.
  • Search for Windows Defender System inside the right pane in Service Window, double click and change the startup type to automatic. Try restarting the update and check whether it works or not in your case.

Method 2: Disabling Third-Party Security Program Temporarily

Any third-party security and Antivirus programs installed can cause a conflict with the Windows Defender thus, preventing any updates and causing the Error message 0x80004004 during Update. So, disabling the Third-party software might actually result as a solution for this issue. 

Temporarily disabling it wouldn’t result in any damage of the program as once you are done updating Windows Defender, you can always re-enable it for extra protection.

Method 3: Running System File Checker Scan

SFC Scan (System File Checker) is an advanced facility provided by Microsoft in order to locate any missing files or fix corrupted systems automatically. So, running this scan would get your error fixed automatically. To run SFC scan follow the steps below

  • In cortana type cmd
  • Right click on cmd.exe and run as administrator
  • Click yes on the User Account Control prompt 
  • Type: SFC/scannow once the blinking cursor appears and press Enter
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If the above methods don’t work to fix the Windows Defender Error 0x80004004 it is suggested to use a third-party repair tool to free your pc from any error. Advanced System Repair is the one of the most trusted repair tools for fixing Windows Defender Error 0x80004004, clean Windows registry and manage startup items also.