Fixed Windows update error 0x80246002

It is really a difficult situation when you got Windows update error 0x80246002 on the screen. Generally when the files of Windows are broken or the system files gets damaged or corrupted then this error appears with message box. Most of the case it has seen that when you try to update of the Windows programs or when you install new program on your PC Error code 0x80246002 prompts on the screen. Sometimes this error code displayed in the form of stop error, update error, or blue screen of death error. In this article you will get detailed information of this error and found that how to fix the error easily.

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While trying to update Windows program using Microsoft update then Windows fail to perform the action and prompts error code 0x80246002 on the computer. Most of the case mismatching while searching on Web caused this error. Sometimes uninterrupted net connection may cause this type of error so you need to also check that before update. Sometimes when you start your computer then it fails to start and prompts error message on the screen. There are some other causes of Windows update error 0x80246002 are:

• Incorrect registry entries
• Corrupted or damaged file system
• Virus or malware attack on system files
• Outdated Windows drivers
• Installed faulty hardware or software
• Incomplete installation of Windows application

To get rid of this critical situation or to fix Windows error 0x80246002 you need to follow some steps to solve this error. You can scan your computer with a good antivirus application which removes malware or spyware from system. You may repair Windows with Windows installation disk. But the best solution of Windows error 0x80246002 is using third party Windows PC repair tool.

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Reimage PC Repair is such a tool designed to fix windows error 0x80246002. This software comes with simple and interactive steps which can be followed very easily. Smart scanning process of this software repairs damaged system files and makes Windows file system error free. It is easy download and easy to use. This software is compatible with all Windows OS like Windows XP, Windows 7, windows 8 etc.