How to Fix runtime error 3343

Runtime error 3343 is an error that occurs while using the Microsoft Access directly or indirectly.

You might get this error when you try to open a prior saved ms access file save with the error message “Runtime error 3443: Unrecognized database format”.

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The runtime error 3443 can also occur when you try to run or execute a program that depends on the ms access database, programs such as the visual basic.

It occurs when you try to use another version of access database to run your visual basic. Perhaps you’ve been using the Access 97 database, and you later switch to the Microsoft office 2003 then you use the access 2003 with the visual basic, and all of a sudden the error occurred. Don’t panic, there is a solution!

In this case, you will need to download the dll file, Dao360.dll, because the access 2003 uses jet 4.0, which the default dao350.dll can’t open, but, the Dao360.dll can open the jet 4.0, and all available Microsoft access database format.

So, update the Dao 350.dll to Dao 360.dll. And you also need to download the Dao 360.dll file if it is missing in your ms access 2007 or 2010.

Solutions to fix runtime error 3343

Solution 1: Run an antivirus program

The error can be due to virus infection so run an antivirus program to remove any virus affecting the program.

Solution 2: set up a new database sort order

User can also encounter this error if they try to open a Microsoft access file created by access 2013 on access 2010. This is because the Microsoft access 2013 is not compatible with the Microsoft access 2010. Follow this process to set up a new database sort order

  • Go to start
  • Search for Microsoft access
  • Open MS access file
  • Go to file
  • Go to options
  • Go to creating database
  • Then click on new database sort order

Also ensure the legacy setting is in the right order. And you might also need to convert the ms access database 2013 file to ms access 2010 file, or convert ms access 2007 file to 2010 file- as the case maybe.

Solution 3: there is a built-in utility in ms access that helps to repair the ms access database you can repair the database. Follow these steps to access the built-in repair utility.

  • Open the ms access
  • Go to tools
  • Go to Database utilities
  • Click on Compact and repair database


Runtime error 3443: Unrecognized database format” indicates that there is an error with the Microsoft access database.

To fix this error you have to identify the reason for the error, and if you can’t, you can try every of the solutions until you get the required result.

You can run an antivirus scan to remove every virus affecting the system, set up new database sort order if you open an ms access file in an older version, or simply repairing the database through the built-in repair utility.

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