How to Fix Windows Defender Error 0X800106ba

Windows defender is the software which removes malicious program, rootkits and other unwanted programs which install themselves in your system.  This defender software is the by default installed in your system when you install any of the versions of Microsoft windows operating system. Sometimes you might have received error 0x800106ba when you try to run windows defender. This error you might have received after updated windows defender. While running windows defender if you are receiving this error then doesn’t avoid its appearance. Try to fix this error instantaneously, so that your system can run smoothly forever.

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Why windows error 0x800106ba creates?

  • This error generates if you don’t install antivirus updates.
  • Virus is the main problem due to this error occurs. Virus gets automatically installed in your system and corrupt your all system files.
  •  If you don’t install windows update properly then you receive this error.

What are the symptoms?

While running windows defender sometimes you might have received the given below following error message:-

“Error Code 0x800106ba: Application failed to initialize”


“Error Code 0x800106ba: The systems license has expired. Your logon request is denied.”

How to fix windows defender error 0x800106ba?

This windows defender error 0x800106ba occurs when you run windows defender manually. Instead of doing manually now you should run windows defender automatically.  And to set windows defender automatically follow the given below steps:-

  • Go to start button and type services in the search box and then press enter.
  • When you receive the services option from the program lists then click on it.
  • Under the services program lists, you get the windows defender service. Then double click on this windows defender service.
  • When windows defender service opens then from their select the start up box.
  • In the startup type box, click Automatic and then click ok.
  • Then again try to run windows defender.

If this error is not fixed even by following the above given steps then uninstall the windows defender and re-install it again.

  •  Follow the process to uninstall this windows defender service:-
  • Press windows +R key  from the keyboard  and when run command box opens then type appwiz.cpl and then click ok.
  • When you receive this windows defender service then click on it and then click on remove option.
  • And follow the on screen given instructions to uninstall this service.
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If you want to fix this error without removing or uninstalling windows defender then download third party repair tool. This tool will easily fix this windows defender error 0x800106ba