How to fix Windows error 0x80092026

As a PC user, you can encounter the windows error 0x800705AF when you are about to perform windows update and sometimes when windows defender tries to open.

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You may also run into this error while running windows update, which comes with the error message- “error 0x80092026- windows update has encountered an error and cannot display the requested page”.

This is due to several causes, which includes, missing files in registry, virus or malware infection, incompatible software, corrupted registry files, mistakenly deletion of an important program, and incomplete installing or uninstalling of software.

Insufficient memory too can lead to this error, but, you can easily resolve this by simply restarting the PC.

Before you update or install a new software endeavor to check the computer memory for available space- it is essential to prevent windows update or installer error.

Easy ways to fix windows error 0x80092026

These are easy ways you can get rid of the error regardless of your level as a computer user.

System restore

System restore will help take your system to an earlier point it was free of any windows error. During this process certain drivers or software affecting the system is removed without manual uninstalling them. Follow these steps to run a system restore

  • Open the start button
  • Type system restore under the search box
  • Right click on system
  • Then click open
  • Wait for the system restore to start
  • Click next
  • Choose a suitable restore point from the list of restore points
  • Click next
  • Then click finish


System file checker (SFC) utility

SFC scan the system files to detect corrupt files also fix them. Follow these steps to perform SFC scan

  • Click on start
  • Search for cmd
  • Right click
  • Scroll to “run as administrator”
  • Click on “run as administrator”
  • Type on sfc/scannow on the command prompt window
  • Press enter
  • The cmd will begin a scan and fix any error
  • Restart the PC after successful SFC scan

Restart security center service

Restarting security center service also helps to resolve the issue. Follow the steps below to restart security service center service.

  • Go to start
  • Type run in the search box
  • Click on run (from the search results)
  • In the run dialog box type “services.msc” then press enter
  • Under “services” search for “security center
  • Right click on security center
  • Then click on restart


Windows error 0x80092026 is commonly a windows update error which often occurs while performing windows update or while updating the windows defender. Also this error occurs while opening windows defender.

You can fix this error by simply restarting your PC if the error is due to insufficient memory. System restore is also an important tool to resolve the issue.

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The error can likewise be due to missing or corrupted files in the registry, which you can fix by running the SFC utility, and sometimes the solution is just restarting the security center service. Apply every of the solutions until you have your PC back as it was!