How to fix Windows error 0xc8000442

Windows error 0xc8000442 is not a high risky windows error, however, is not a windows error to be complacent with. PC often encounter this error while running windows program on the Windows operating system with the error code 0xc8000442, and the error code sometimes display as “ERROR_CANNOT_DEL_LOCAL_WINS”.

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There is no specific cause of the windows error 0xc8000442, in other words, the error can be due to several causes, and it is imperative to identify the causes, so to determine the possible solutions to fix the windows error 0xc8000442.

Causes of windows error 0xc8000442

  • Corrupt systems files in registries
  • Damaged windows system files
  • Virus, or malware infection
  • Irregularity in registry files
  • Old or damaged driver
  • Improper deletion of a particular software
  • Incomplete of installing of a program

Symptoms of Windows error 0xc8000442

The symptoms of Windows error 0xc8000442 includes:

  • Frequently popping up of the message error code on the PC screen
  • Slow PC performance
  • Hardware failure
  • PC freezing
  • Blue screen of death (BSOD)

Easy ways to solve the Windows error 0xc8000442

System restore

When your PC encounter the error code 0xc8000442 the first port of call should be system restore to restore your system back to the point it was operating well.

The system helps to remove problematic drivers or software or update affecting the PC. Follow the steps below to run system restore

  • Left click on the start button
  • Then search for control panel
  • In the control panel, navigate to the search box
  • type recovery
  • under the search results click on “recovery”
  • click on “open the system restore”
  • click next
  • choose an appropriate system restore
  • click next
  • click finish
  • restart your PC after the completion of the system restore

Run a system file check utility

The system file checker utility will scan the system files to detect and fix any irregularities. Follow these steps to run SFC utility

  • open the windows key (start)
  • search for cmd under the search box
  • right click on cmd
  • click on run as administrator
  • then type sfc/scannow on the command prompt window
  • hit enter
  • Wait for the sfc to finish
  • then restart your PC

Run an antivirus program, or malware or spyware program

This is the best time to run an antivirus and antimalware scan to remove any virus and malware infection causing the error. Remember to restart your PC after successful antivirus and antimalware scan.


The solution to the Windows error 0xc8000442 is not without the causes. If the cause is due to virus or malware attack then the solution can simply be running an antivirus or malware scan to remove the virus and malware.

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But, before you apply any solution, you should perform a system restore first to remove problematic drivers or application affecting the health of the PC, also restore it to a point it was functioning well.

Running a SFC scan is also a good measure to get rid of the error code especially if the error has to do with the system files.