How to Fix Windows Error code 0xc000007b

You are user of windows operating system. You might use windows XP, windows Vista, windows 7 or latest windows 8. You might install many applications and using that application without any problem. Windows os is free and open market that why everyone using windows os. Every application which we are using is also free and open market because most of applications are built for windows os and compatible to it. Windows os are to different types 1st is 32 bit operating system and 2nd is 64 bit operating system. When we are installing the windows we haven’t seen which type of operating system is this and then after we install all applications which we require to do work as per our requirement. We hardly check these things. Some day when we are using system and try to open an application we got an error unable to start application.

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Cause to get error code 0x000007b:-
Error code 0x000007b is generally happens when your computer is affected by virus, malware or Trojan. If any file which require running the application is missing or get corrupted. In case your windows os is not properly installed. If operating system and application are not compatible to each other. In some cases applications some file are corrupted in that applications exe file where it saved in DVD, cd, or pen drive. Some applications are outdated. In case application is higher version. When you installing the application and unfortunately system get shut down.

To solve unable to start application there are some manual steps are given below:-

Scan your computer if any virus, malware or Trojan is present which might cause of your error 0x000007b. If found any virus, malware or Trojan during scan delete them. Check if any file which requires running the application is missing or corrupted. There is any file is missing or corrupted then update your system or restore in previous date. Check application is compatible with windows os or not. If application is not compatible then change the application to which compatible with your system. In case applications some file are corrupted in that applications exe then get a new exe file and hope there is no problem. Some application is outdated check it and replace with updated version. In case you are using windows os older version and your application is for higher version then install higher version of windows os. Try to getting flow less power supply to your system when applications are installing.

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If in case all the above steps are not works to solve unable to start application then try third party tool. Third party tool is very good and reliable.