How to Fix Windows Update error 0X80080008

Windows update error 0X80080008 is the error which generates during installation of updates for windows. You install the updates by using Windows Update or Microsoft Update website.  This is the error which occurs if the Windows Update agent file is registered improperly. This Windows Update Agent file is also known as Wup2.dll file. This file plays important role in updating windows and due to any state of affairs if this file gets corrupt or missed or registered incorrectly then this windows update error 0x80080008 appears and updates for windows are ineffective. Windows registry is a page in windows system which should be maintained properly, if a single driver or a file gets missed from this page than your system has to face serious problems. You must be familiar with this error and also know reason for its existence.

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Why windows update error 0x80080008 generates in your system?

  • When the Windows Update Agent file or the Wups2.dll file gets missed or corrupted from your registry entries then no doubt you will have to face this windows update error 0x80080008.
  •  The missing of Wups2.dll file may be due to the addition of virus or malicious program in your system registry. Virus or malicious program is the program which gets installed in your PC registry without your permission and start damaging your system files or drivers.

What are the symptoms?

Error: 0x80080008, you receive this following error message when you attempt to install updates for windows.

 How to fix windows update error 0x80080008 and repair your corrupted or missed Wups2.dll file?

You might face this update error in any of the versions of Windows operating system so you should follow the given below steps to fix this error completely by repairing Wups2.dll file.

  • When you receive this error then cancel installing updates and then also un-tick the Automatic updates service and to stop this press Windows + R key to open run command box then type cmd in this box and press enter. This is done to open command prompt windows.

  • When the command prompt page opens then type the net stop wuauserv command and then hit enter, this process will stop Automatic Updates service.

  • Now the second work is to catalogue Wups2.dll file so to do this in the command prompt page type the regsvr32 %windir%\system32\wups2.dll command and then press enter.
  • If you are Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, or Windows 2000 users then type the regsvr32 %windir%\syswow64\wups2.dll command and then press enter. This process registers your lost Wups2.dll file.
  • If you get the verification message then click on OK button.

  • And now again you have to start Automatic Updates Service by using the same command as above that is net start wuauserv and then press enter.

  • After starting Automatic Updates Service again then type the exit to close the command prompt.

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You can also use third party repair tool to fix this windows update error 0x80080008.