How to Fix Windows Update error 80070643

Windows update error 80070643 occurs in your system when you try to update Windows and its files but due to missing component of Windows it stopped working and an error message occurs on the system screen that some files can’t be updated error code 80070643. This is very irritating situation because in this situation you can’t do anything and also can’t update Windows successfully. You can get this error if updating Microsoft office 2003 or .NET framework is missing. .Net framework is the part of Windows which is used to develop, deploy and run the programs, applications etc. Multiple programs use .NET framework so if any faulty or corrupted program or file is installed in the system then it can damage or corrupt hard drive/disk and you will receive Windows error 80070643 if while updating Windows.

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Symptom of this error:-

Like other Windows error it has no indication before occurring on the system screen and stop update but it is final that you may receive this error only and only you update Windows or Microsoft Office 2003. During updating Windows the process stopped automatically and an error message displayed on the system screen so that the user can know that why Windows update stopped.

Cause of this error:-

Missing .NET framework or Microsoft office 2003 is the cause of Windows update error 80070643. If the registration of MSI software update is corrupted or damaged then it may be the issue of this problem. As we know that .NET framework is also the part of Windows which is used my many files of the system so if it is missing then you can receive the error code 80070643. System poor maintenance may be some responsible issue of this problem because due to this activity system became infected from malicious programs and they damage .NET framework and other system files which are required in Windows update.

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How to fix Windows update error 80070643:-

If you want to fix Windows update error 80070643 then you have to repair .NET framework, Office 2003 but before this activity there is a common but very useful process called system scan so scan the full system to be sure that it is protected. If you repair .NET framework but the error is still coming and stopped Windows update then it will be better to uninstall the .NET framework and reinstall. You can also use Windows repair tool which will handle the problem by repairing the missing system files such as .NET framework, MSI, drivers etc.