Solve the problem of Windows XP failure

You are using windows operating system then you find one day your computer doesn’t get started. When you turn on the computer and its displays the logo but it fail before log on. That is so irritating and you get frustrated. This type of problem is common in windows operating system. For this problem there are no solutions but we have the solution to fix the displays the XP logo but fails before log on.

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Cusses of the windows XP failure.

The windows XP fail if your computer is full of virus, malware or Trojan attack. If your computers dll file is missing or corrupted when you are using your computer. If your registry file is missing or corrupted when you are using the system. Your computer settings changed or you might change by mistake computer setting. If your operating system corrupted suddenly. This problem might happen if you attach new hardware to the system. If your system file is missing or corrupted. Some time computer could not find the windows. If hardware configurations are get changed. Some time non disk error message is displays. Your hard disk may crash. If your power supply is not in proper way.

There are some manual steps to solve the windows XP failure error, for this you need to perform some steps given below:-

First you need to start your computer in safe mode. Then scan your whole computer for virus, malware or Trojan. If you find virus, malware or Trojan during the scan then delete it as quickly as possible. Check if your computer dll files are missing or corrupted then try to find the exact dll file which is missing or corrupted and then replace dll file or restore the computer in previous days. In case your registry files are missing or corrupted then find it and replace it or restore the computer. If you change your computer settings or it changes on him own then change the setting in previous mode mean default mode. Check your operating system is running properly or not if not then reinstall your operating system. If you attach new hardware to the system that creates the problem, then remove the hardware then check it your operating system is working properly or not. Check your file system is missing or corrupted if there is a problem them restore the computer. Check if any hardware configuration is changed or not if happens then change it as default.

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All the manual steps are not help you a bit then try to get help from third party tool. Third party tool solve the problem automatically. Third party tool is secure and reliable.