How to Fix Runtime error 255

Programmers are likely to encounter this runtime error 255 while working on Microsoft visual basic, the process may hang or terminate with the error message “runtime error 255.

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It can also occur at the installation of a particular program, regardless of how it occurred, it can be resolved!

The runtime error 255 is due to corrupt or damaged windows system files, missing files in the registries or missing dll files. If the error occur is associated with visual basic program then the damaged or corrupt windows dll file could be the file named fm20.dll because the file controls the setting and the features of the visual basic.

It can also occur if certain software is not properly installed such as the Microsoft.NET software, which is essential for visual basic.

It can also be due to improper maintenance of the system, which, however, allows virus or malware infection or harmful programs to attack a particular file responsible for the successful running of a particular program.

The runtime error 255 often comes with symptoms such as incessant popping up of the error message “runtime error 255” on your screen, incomplete installation of a program, PC begins to operate slowly, or  the PC taking longer time than usual to startup or shutdown.

And if you give the runtime error 255 too much room to explore, it can cause serious problem to the system such as system freeze or even a crash.

Solutions to resolve the runtime error255

Solution 1: scan the system with antivirus or antimalware software

Perform a full system scan on your system using antimalware or antivirus software to get rid of any malicious program affecting the program from running properly well

Solution 2: uninstall the program

Uninstall the program responsible for the program to run successfully, in the case of visual basic, it is Mircosoft.NET. Follow these steps to uninstall a program

  • Open the search window
  • Type “uninstall a program”
  • Then look for the program
  • Right click on the program
  • Then click on uninstall/change
  • Then restart the computer

Solution 3: System restore

Restore your system to an earlier state it was working properly with the function “system restore”. Follow these steps to perform system restore

  • Press windows key
  • Search for system restore in the search box
  • Choose an earlier date your computer was okay
  • Then follow the on screen prompt command
  • Then restart the computer after successful system restore


Runtime error 255 is commonly due to corrupted or damaged system files, and often this damaged file are needed by a particular program to perform at its best; otherwise, it will give the runtime error 255.

It can also be caused by the improper maintenance of the system, as a result, allow malware and virus attack to the system.

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The solutions to get rid of the runtime error 255 includes system restore-system restore will help you get back the system to an earlier date it was operating properly, uninstall the problematic program, and most importantly perform a full system malware scan using an excellent antimalware or antivirus software.