How to resolve Runtime error 380

The runtime error 380 do occur because of outdated or missing dll files, an outdated or corrupt driver, virus attack in computer, bad command line in registries, incomplete installation of some files, inaccurate registry entries, or improper maintenance of computer.

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The runtime error 380 begs for solution immediately the computer system begins to perform slowly, programs run incorrectly, and if the error persist too long, it can lead to the occurrence of blue screen of death, severe data loss, computer freezing, unable to install or uninstall files and your system is prone to crash anytime.

An important key to troubleshoot this problem is to identify the likely cause of the problem at the time it occurred.

For instance, all you might need to do is to try to update an outdated or corrupt video card driver or any driver that has the error.

The runtime error could be a programming error which mistakenly set property to an invalid value, all you need to do in this situation is to install the Microsoft visual, and if that doesn’t work you can install or update the Microsoft office, it helps too.

You can also uninstall and reinstall the program that is associated with the runtime error 308

But, if any of this does not relate with you, you can read further to get a solution to the runtime error 308.

Solutions to resolve Runtime error 380

Solution 1: run system file checker to help check system files error and fix them

  • Click on start icon
  • search for “command prompt”
  • right click on the command prompt
  • Click “run as administrator”
  • type “ sfc/scan” on the command window
  • press enter on keyboard

Solution 2: perform full malware scan on your computer system

Malware can corrupt or damage the runtime error related files so, run a full system malware scan to get rid of any malware infection.

Solution 3: install all available windows update

  • Go to the start button
  • Type update into the search box
  • Click the install updates if there are available updates

Solution 4: System restore; system restore help to take your system back to when it was working very well.

  • Press windows key on your keyboard
  • Search for “accessories” in the search box
  • click “system tools”
  • Click “system restore”
  • Click next
  • choose a restore point
  • click next
  • click finish on the confirmation window
  • Restart PC


The runtime error 308 can be due to different causes, in which, the cause determines the solution to apply.

If the solution is due to malware attack then running a full system malware scan will take care of the issue, and if you can identify the program that causes the error, uninstalling it and reinstall could be the solution.

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You can likewise Install or update the Microsoft visual or the Microsoft office if the runtime error 308 is due to a programming error or perform system restore to get your system back in time it was working superbly.